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All Americans must file tax returns (depending on their income) no matter where in the world they live.  There are several tax breaks for expatriates, but they must still file even if they don t owe any taxes because of these breaks.

We have several clients in Europe, Asia & Australia and are able to take care of all their US tax situations.  Many of them contacted us because they were tired of paying several thousand dollars a year for their tax return preparation fees.

    "The big American CPA firms with overseas offices seem to think expats are made of money"

That is a quote from a client in England.  His American, London-based friends pay about eight times he does for essentially the same work. (Well, they used to, as they are now our clients.)  We work via phone, fax, e-mail & post.  It seems to work out just fine for our overseas clients. 

Note:  Chris generally travels to Europe & Australia yearly to visit with clients, of course it is after April 15!

Please contact us if you would like some more information.

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